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JCB has introduced an electric version of the popular HTD-5 Dumpster tracked carrier, expanding its growing range of innovative fully electric E-TECH models. The addition of electric drive makes the machine suitable for urban and indoor applications which require low noise and zero exhaust emissions.

It also comes with the brand new optional ride-on SmartStep for enhanced versatility, safety and operator comfort. The feature isolates power to the tracks if the operator steps off the step while moving, but still allows power to the skip and hydraulics. When the SmartStep is folded up, all hydraulics are enabled and the operator can walk behind.

Key features of the machine include:

  • 9kW electric motor delivers travel speeds of up to 3km/h
  • Maximum two-hour charging time
  • Zero emissions at the point of use
  • 500kg capacity and 1,450mm skip ground clearance in tipping position
  • Walk-behind and ride-on capability

The E-Dumpster is powered by a 48V lithium-ion battery pack that can be recharged using a standard 240V or 110V electrical supply. Maximum recharge time is just two hours, making it possible to top up the battery when not in use during the working day or overnight.

Designed to meet the needs of contractors and rental companies, the E-Dumpster provides a zero-emissions carrying solution for indoor work, tunnelling applications and other urban sites requiring zero-emissions equipment. With no internal combustion engine, service and maintenance requirements are also greatly reduced, boosting uptime and availability.

The HTD-5e E-Dumpster adds to this rapidly-growing range of zero-emissions construction, agricultural and industrial machinery solutions, offering customers additional choice in the compact dumper market.