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Introducing our new Generator Salesman!

For the last 12 years, Jon Moss has been the sole UK Director (Managing Director) for an American owned computer networking, server and telephonic resale company called AECI UK Ltd. Prior to that, Jon worked within the specialist sports car industry for Westfield Sports Cars as a Sales Executive for over 5 years where he showcased the company’s production facilities by showing potential new clients around the car production line, assessed the customers’ requirements in order to build the bespoke order around their needs and demonstrated the products at specialist track days.

Jon said “I am genuinely excited about my role with Gunn JCB. The historical association that Gunn JCB have with JCB themselves made it a very simple decision to join the company, when the position was offered to me. With the size of Gunn JCB, it puts the company in such a unique position to offer existing and future clients the best possible level of customer service, I couldn’t wait to get involved. This is a bit of a departure from my previous industries which have been mainly in the computer networking and telephonic industries, but I can see the massive influence that backup generators will play in our future as a company and as a country. With the increase in population and the decrease in excess electricity supplies, there could come a time where every home has some form of back up facility. So to be involved in it from a relatively early stage is exciting. With the advent of the Inteli-Hybrid Generator range, we are able to offer a greener, more fuel efficient and quieter range which will continue to develop for years to come. I look forward to working at Gunn JCB for a long time to come and adding my sales and management skills to an already excellent team will only benefit the organisation going forward.”

For enquiries about our generators, please contact Jon on 07887 413890 or email: jonathan.moss@gunn-jcb.co.uk