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The JCB JS20MH is a wheeled material handler that’s designed to provide the most productivity, efficiency and performance for your investment – all the while rigorously safeguarding operators and bystanders alike.

Key Benefits

Hydraulically-raising cab for superb visibility
Dieselmax engine produces high power and torque at low revs
Premium components provide great reliability
Stringent safety features protect operators and bystanders
Strength, durability and reliability as standard
Long service intervals and easy maintenance

To ensure ultimate reliability, the JS20MH wheeled material handler incorporates only the very best components in the industry – that includes a JCB engine, Kawasaki pumps, and ZF axles and transmission.

The boom and dipper on a JS20MH are made from high tensile steel, with single-piece wrapper plates and internal reinforcing baffles for long life and durability.

Front and rear stabilisers are fully welded, offering maximum rigidity and stability. We also weld the JS20MH’s central turret to both upper and lower undercarriage frames for maximum strength.

A high-strength rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support, while a closed box section revolving frame increases strength, reduces stress and is highly resistant to impact damage – essential on a wheeled material handler.

Access doors on the JS20MH are designed to be strong, rigid and durable. We've also fitted substantial steel guards to the front and rear light clusters, as well as the working lights.

We use Finite Element Analysis with extensive rig and endurance testing to make sure that the JS20MH wheeled material handler’s key components last longer.

The JS20MH’s cab can be hydraulically elevated by 2.1m, making it perfect for loading high-sided containers. The extra visibility makes for minimised damage, maximised productivity and improved safety.

The 97kW JCB Dieselmax T3-compliant motor produces high levels of torque at low engine speeds for fuel-efficient transmission and hydraulic matching. For further savings, JCB auto-idle technology reduces engine speed when the hydraulics aren’t in use.

To maximise fuel efficiency, the JS20MH wheeled material handler benefits from advanced hydraulic technology, including optimised hydraulic pump settings, advanced spool design, and cutting edge electronic management software.

The chassis on a JS20MH has a centralised slew turret feature that gives improved 360-degree stability compared to conventional wheeled excavators.

Sort, handle, grab or compact: the JS20MH is highly versatile. Better still, the dedicated 5.7m straight boom can be fitted with either a 4m gooseneck dipper for maximum reach or a 3.6m material handling dipper for maximum attachment functionality.

This wheeled material handler has cushioned boom and dipper cylinders to prevent shock loadings; this protects your machine and increases operator comfort.

Servo-assisted joystick controls on the JS20MH wheeled material handler are light, intuitive and smooth; auxiliary controls are fully proportional; and the slew is balanced, with electronically controlled slew braking.

A fully adjustable steering column, spacious floor area, and large forward/reverse and brake pedals combine to make manoeuvring the JS20MH easy and accurate.

The JS20MH’s large laminated glass roof window (with optional roof guard) provides optimum visibility for working at height. A 70/30 front screen split provides uninterrupted forwards visibility; you can also specify optional FOPS Level 2 guards.

The positive pressure cab helps to keep out dirt and dust, and there’s climate control too. For day-long comfort and productivity, the JS20MH’s operator seat is heated, and features air suspension.

The cab on the JS20MH wheeled material handler uses 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimise noise and vibration.

Because work mode is selectable on the electronic AMS monitor, the operator can quickly optimise the JS20MH to specific requirements.

The engine radiator, intercooler and hydraulic oil cooler are all mounted side-by-side on this wheeled material handler, making it easy to service and clean them.

For added serviceability, there’s an easily-accessible Turbo 2 engine pre-cleaner on the JS20MH, as well as an easy-to-clean engine air filter.

The JS20MH’s bonnet opens and closes easily with gas-assisted cylinders, and the service bays are large and wide for good access.

To make maintenance quick, safe and easy, we’ve centralised the high level pivot greasing points at ground level on the JS20MH.

By using graphite impregnated bronze bushes, we’ve extended the JS20MH’s boom and dipper greasing intervals to 1000 hours, with the inevitable time and money savings.

The filters on a JS20MH (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel) are centrally located for fast, easy servicing, while JCB’s Plexus Oil Filter System extends oil life to 5000hrs by constantly filtering hydraulic fluid down to 2 microns, reducing risk of contamination.

The JS20MH bonnet opens front-to-rear for easy and safe engine service access, while selectable independent stabiliser operation makes deployment easy and safe. Ground level maintenance checks on this wheeled material handler mean routine servicing is safe.

For maximum visibility, there are red and white painted chevrons on the rear counterweight; inside the JS20MH, operators can monitor a rear-view camera on the in-cab screen.

There’s an external cab lowering system on the JS20MH; this can be operated from ground level in an emergency.

A JS20MH is designed to protect from costly slips and trips; the steps and platforms on this wheeled material handler have anti-slip punched steel plates for optimum grip, even in wet or icy conditions.

To prevent injury from accidental machine movements, JCB’s 2go system fully isolates the hydraulics – the JS20MH can only be started in a safe locked position with two separate inputs.

Hose burst check valves (HBCVs) stop the boom and dipper collapsing in the event of hose failure. To ensure operator safety, we have also fitted them to the cab raising hydraulic system.

Optional travel alarms and extra flashing beacons improve on-site safety for both operators and bystanders; a side-view camera provides visibility to the right-hand side; and wheel chocks prevent the JS20MH wheeled material handler from moving accidentally.

Our optional safety rails protect operators carrying out maintenance on the upper structure of the JS20MH. The additional cab air filtration system, meanwhile, guards against noxious or contaminated atmospheres

Optional screen and roof guards on a JS20MH protect from impact damage, and fitting both sets provides complete Level 2 FOPS protection. Alternatively, a mesh front screen guard can keep out flying debris.

Our dipper limiter feature makes sure the attachment won’t strike the cab of your JS20MH wheeled material handler (or the roof of a low building). We can also provide EU standard EN474 lifting kits to protect operators and bystanders during craning.

Further safety options include a proximity alarm that warns the operator when bystanders are too close – alarm triggers are recorded and can be analysed remotely. What’s more, a fire suppression system can protect machines, operators and sites alike.


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