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At JCB, we've been building tracked excavators for over 48 years. Our latest 85z and 86c midi excavators are products of all this experience and insight, designed to be robust, strong and durable without compromising performace.

At JCB, we’ve been building tracked excavators for over 48 years. Our latest 85z and 86c mini excavators are products of all this experience and insight, designed to be robust, strong and durable without compromising performace.

JCB’s 85z and 86c are high performance productive mini excavators. Peak power and torque at low engine speeds makes for efficient cycles, and there’s a wealth of innovative design features to get the most from every drop of fuel.

We’ve always believed that a fundamental part of high productivity is a comfy, ergonomic working environment. Consequently, you’ll find that cabs and controls on an 86z or 86c are great places to work, even for long stints.

A safe site is of paramount importance to any owner; likewise machinery that’s easy and fast to service. Both the 85z and 86c will protect machinery, operators and bystanders alike, as well as providing downtime – minimising serviceability.

Our tracked excavators are designed to give you more than just great performance and long service life. Machines like the 85z and 86c will also provide ultimate value for money, both on and off your working sites.

Our fully robot welded boom and four-plate dipper design are made of high tensile strength steel, with internal baffle plates providing added structural strength for longlife durability.

The bodywork on our mini excavators is made exclusively from pressed steel with no plastic, so it’s strong and easy to repair.

These latest 8-tonne class machines boast a heavy-duty kingpost which features durable re-bushable pivots to optimise service life. It also provides a safe route for all excavator hoses.

We’ve used only tried and tested premium manufacturers like JCB Diesel by Kohler engine, Nachi and Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic components and Bridgestone tracks.

High quality 450mm rubber tracks with interlocking links will perform in even the most arduous applications.

The heavy duty boom cylinder guard provides excellent protection with optional dipper and crowd cylinder guards available for more arduous applications.

The new 8T range has a JCB Diesel by Kohler common rail Stage IIIB/Tier 4 final compliant engine. This boasts DOC, turbocharging and intercooler. Power is increased to 48kW at just 2200rpm, and there’s 300Nm of torque. This engine doesn’t need a diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing servicing, increasing uptime and improving fuel efficiency.

Tractive effort and 5kph tracking speeds are class leading, ensuring high dozer capabilities and fast travel times. To increase productivity our auto kickdown motors automatically adapt to changes in terrain increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

Productivity can be seen to be better with either option, CTS because of the added stability, lifting capacity and larger dig end, or ZTS as the operator does not have to think about whats around them, which in turn could speed up work, especially in confined spaces. JCB offer both options to suit the customer.

A premium closed centre pump and valve provides improved flow sharing for smooth, precise and balanced operation during multifunctioning.

Versatility is part of the package: our twin auxiliary lines generate both high and low hydraulic flows for an array of attachments.

The new dozer profile and angle provides high performance with low soil retention for easy clean; combined with tapered lift points which are positioned behind the edge of the blade providing excellent protection.

We offer a dozer blade float option which enables easier ground leveling and efficient site clean up. Along with an angled dozer blade to speed up trench back filling.


The cab is incredibly spacious and its large door provides easy, safe access. Inside, you’ll find 6% more space than before, plenty of storage, a phone tray, stowage nets and cup holder. A radio, 12V phone charger, powerful heater with window de-mister and a high performing air conditioning system with 9 vents completes the picture.

To ensure all-day operator comfort, there’s fully adjustable suspension seating with an optional heated air suspension seat with independent adjustable positions. Switches are ergonomically laid out around a crystal clear informative colour LCD display with optional reversing camera.

The standard electro proportional high flow line has 10 selectable flow rates for total attachment compatibility and seamless operation. A switch in the cab provides easy operation of single or double-acting auxiliary flow.

The hydraulic valve block is isolated from the chassis by rubber mounts for reduced noise and vibration. It’s also easily accessed beneath the side-opening bonnet.

With ergonomic electro-hydraulic dozer control as standard, operators can achieve smooth and precise grading control.

Optional front screen guards provide peace of mind for operators, whilst boom and optional cab worklight guards protect vulnerable components in hazardous applications.

Stability on both machines is best-in-class thanks to a large track frame width and low centre of gravity.

To ensure that your hydraulics are only operated in a safe lockable position, JCB’s unique 2GO system requires the operator to acknowledge they are ready to work.

The JCB 86c and 85z have excellent front visibility courtesy of a 70/30 front screen split. What’s more, there’s a clear view of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring. Overall we have 11% more visibility than before.

With a true zero tailswing design,the 85z reduces impact risks in tight workspaces. For safer lifting operations optional boom, dozer and dipper hose burst check valves are available.

JCB minisn have the best SAE service rating on the market, partly because routine checks can be done easily without special tools and the gas-strutted 30˚ tilting cab.

All dig end and dozer greasing intervals are best-in-class at 500 hours due to our graphite impregnated bronze bushes saving time and money.

Underneath the wide opening steel bonnet you can easily fill the fuel tank on a JCB mini from ground level, made easier with the external diesel indicator. The optional refueling pump features an auto stop function for reduced spillage and increased safety.

The sealed idler tension unit stops soil build-up; and dozer hoses terminate at the bulkhead for simple replacement.

The two piece floor mat is removable for easy cleaning whilst the anti slip cast tread plate provides safe entry and egress as well as long term protection to the paint bodywork.

Our 450mm/600mm steel tracks are pre-drilled to allow easy fitment of bolt on rubber pads. There is also the option of dedicated Road Liner Pads (GeoGrip), which enable individual segments to be replaced if damaged.

The load-sensing hydraulics on JCB’s 8-tonne excavators only consume power on demand, conserving fuel for when you need it most.

The patented near zero pressure return line circuit further improves fuel efficiency as the pump does not need to overcome as high a pressure before any work can be done.

A unqiue feature for even greater fuel economy, the engine rpm automaticaly drops below idle when the operator’s armrest is lifted and reduces noise level.

Auto idle can be programmed to activate between 2 and 30 seconds after the controls have been inactive to increase fuel efficiency. With two dig modes (including ECO for maximum efficiency, heavy for maximum productivity) you can tailor performance to suit your application.

With identical bucket pin geometry to the world leading JCB 3CX backhoe loader, attachments are fully interchangeable.

Because damage sometimes happen on site, we use flat glass windows throughout, minimizing replacement costs.

  • Tilting cab
  • Fully glazed ROPS* & TOPS certified cab with JCB Impact Protection front screen
  • 2 speed intermittent wiper with wash/wipe
  • Roof mounted front worklights
  • 3 speed heater/demister with 9 adjustable air vents
  • Colour LCD display
  • Digital clock
  • Adjustable sunblind
  • Internal lockable toolbox
  • Cup holder
  • Coat hook
  • 12v accessory socket
  • Interior light
  • Full audio/visual warning systems
  • Radio ready kit
  • Auto idle throttle
  • Below idle system
  • 2 digging modes (Eco & Heavy)
  • ISO servo controls with electro-hydraulic dozer lever
  • Electro-proportional thumb controlled high flow double acting auxiliary
  • 10 selectable auxiliary flow rates
  • Joystick mounted hammer switch
  • Electronic single/double acting auxiliary changeover valve
  • Neutral start
  • Full control isolation
  • “2 go” hydraulic isolation
  • Midback suspension seat
  • 2 piece removable floormat
  • Beacon ready kit
  • Two speed tracking
  • Auto-kickdown track motors
  • 450mm short pitch rubber tracks
  • Double element air cleaner
  • Heavy-duty alternator
  • Heavy-duty battery
  • Hydraulic slew braking with disc type park brake
  • ORFS hydraulics
  • Colour coded hydraulic hoses
  • Bushed kingpost
  • 500 hour dig end greasing intervals
  • Heavy duty boom cylinder guard
  • Protected boom worklight
  • 2000mm dipper (85Z)
  • 2100mm dipper (86C)
  • 2 position bucket tipping link - Speed & Power
  • Quick release auxiliary couplers
  • 100% steel bodywork

* ROPS if operating weight of machine is less than 9000kg.

  • Air-conditioning
  • ROPS* & TOPS canopy with polycarbonate impact protection screen
  • FOPS guard stage 1 or 2
  • 450mm or 600mm steel tracks
  • 450mm Geo Grip Road Liner tracks
  • Fan & chaff guards
  • Battery isolator (standard for EU);
  • High back seat or deluxe heated high back air-suspension seat
  • Radio installation
  • Electro-proportional thumb controlled low flow auxiliary
  • Hose burst check valve lifting kit (dozer, boom & dipper)
  • Bucket-to-grab change over valve
  • Mechanical quickhitch
  • Hydraulic quickhitch
  • Hydraulic quickhitch ready pipework
  • General purpose digging buckets
  • Ditch/grading buckets
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Rotating/strobe beacon
  • Travel alarm
  • White noise alarm
  • Face fan
  • Toolkit
  • Greasegun & cartridge
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Exterior cab mounted mirrors
  • Interior mirror
  • Electric refuelling pump
  • JCB Immobiliser (Unique key or keypad system)
  • CESAR datatag (UK only)
  • Dozer float
  • Angled dozer blade
  • TAB boom
  • Dual pattern controls (ISO/SAE change-over)
  • Front screen guard (Fine or course)
  • Rear roof mounted worklight
  • Twin pair of front roof mounted worklights
  • Short & long dipper options
  • Thumb ready dipper
  • Livelink
  • Special paint options
  • Block heater 110/240V

 * ROPS if operating weight of machine is less than 9000kg.



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