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5CX Wastemaster


This specialist JCB 5CX Wastemaster is unique as it incorporates additional length rear stabilisers and a choice of front attachments each featuring stabiliser legs. This combination raises the machine into the air providing exceptional views into waste containers.

Key Benefits

World’s most versatile waste handling machine
Powerful 81 kW JCB EcoMAX engine
Our unique four stabiliser legs provide extra height for improved visibility into the waste containers, baler or shredder
3-steer modes including 4-wheel steer and crab steer
JCB Jaw Bucket or Selector Grab can improve compaction efficiency by up to 3 or 4 times.
The new individual skip hook attachment allows improved movement of containers around site.

Introducing the new 5CX Wastemaster to the waste and recycling industry – delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency, versatility and cost savings.

Fitted with a package of features, the flexible and productive Wastemaster is transformed into a tailor-made model for arduous waste environments. With its ability to power an extensive range of specialist attachments, the JCB 5CX Wastemaster model will excel in the non-stop working environment typically found in all waste handling applications.

Globally, the backhoe loader is already one of JCB’s biggest selling machines into waste, recycling and demolition applications. With large volume sales in Asia and South America and a strong presence in specific European markets, the 5CXWM is now even more suited for your Recycling sites.

This specialist JCB 5CX Wastemaster offers front stabiliser legs and additional length rear stabilisers. This combination raises the entire machine well clear of the ground, offering commanding views into a waste container while compacting material with either a grapple or compaction wheel.

Safety on site is enhanced by superb all round visibility from the cab, high visibility stabiliser chevrons, rotating beacon and a reversing alarm. Machine protection is assured with the inclusion of additional boom protection, light guards, fuel tank guard and puncture protected tyres.

The machine uses the most robust loader arms and axles available and features the powerful 109hp (81kW) JCB EcoMAX engine. The road performance and exceptional fuel economy of the 5CX Wastemaster mean that travel between sites is fast, easy and cost effective compared to other equipment.

The JCB 5CX Wastemaster offers unrivalled flexibility at a price which is likely to be lower than the alternative, less versatile machines seen on recycling sites.

Our range of attachments ensures that the JCB 5CX Wastemaster is highly effective for much more than just compaction. These include grabs for handling waste material, a hook for maneuvering bins and a sweeper collector for keeping the site clean and tidy.

Furthermore, the range of purpose-designed bucket options open up a wide array of typical waste re-handling tasks. At the loader end, users can choose between high capacity general-purpose, 6-in-1, or top grab buckets depending on the application and nature of the load. At the excavator end, a hydraulic jaw bucket or selector grab deliver highly effective materials handling capabilities.

  • Keypad immobiliser
  • Key immobiliser
  • Seat: Headrest


  • 24” Jaw bucket
  • Selector Grab SG140
  • Excavator Buckets
  • Compactor Wheel
  • Manual Grapple
  • Hydraulic/Manual Quickhitch
  • Lifting Kit
  • Waste Shovel with Grab - 1.3 cu.m Wastemaster shovel, 2,350mm wide, single-piece grab, bolt on toeplate, standard duty
  • Waste Multi Shovel with integrated stabiliser legs
  • Sweeper Collector
  • Snow Blade
  • Skip Hook attachment with stabiliser lift system
  • Skip Hook attachment without the stabiliser legs
  • 6-in-1 Shovel
  • GP Shovel
  • Bale Grab
  • Shovel clam ram guards
  • Powershift
  • Autoshift
  • Limit slip differential
  • Grid heater
  • Auto preheat
  • Fuel tank guard
  • Black Roof
  • Instrument panel vandel proof kit
  • Excavator controls (ISO/SAE): APC only
  • Yellow rear fenders (Sideshift)
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