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3CX Pothole Master


The JCB 3CX Pothole Master is a highly versatile backhoe loader. Adept at both pothole repairs and all-round utilities work, it represents a great investment for any local authority.

Key Benefits

Dedicated pothole repair machine that can perform many other tasks
Standard-fit patch planer and sweeper collector
Versatility guaranteed with standard handheld tool circuit and extensive options
Premium JCB backhoe loader resale values
Designed to be safe in operation for workers and public
Fast travel times between sites for fast independent deployment

Dedicated pothole repair machines are traditionally narrowly focused on filling in roads. The new JCB 3CX Pothole Master offers far more.

As a single-machine solution for permanent pothole repairs, this backhoe loader combines a powerful patch planer and sweeper shovel with the facility to operate handheld tools. You can therefore clean, prepare and fix any pothole within a single coned-off carriageway. But you’re never limited to road repair work – based on JCB’s versatile 3CX Eco backhoe, the Pothole Master can be used for a huge variety of year-round applications.

The 3CX Pothole Master’s 400mm cutting drum ensures that only a minimal cut is planed; this ensures cost-effective repairs and precise 10m² planing areas to a depth of up to 115mm for even the largest potholes.

The powerful high-speed drum on this backhoe loader cuts clean vertical sides to any planed area; this allows consistent compaction of new tarmac into the patch edges

Multiple guide wheels on the patch planer help to ensure accurate depth control and equal depth across separate pothole repair strips. The configuration of these wheels allows planing right up to kerb edges.

Easily replaceable tooth picks allow backhoe operators to maintain high levels of productivity whilst achieving precise flat-bottomed vertical-sided planing.

With flow sharing hydraulics flowing at a rate of 165 l/min (on the high-flow setting), it’s easy to use the Pothole Master’s standard-fit patch planer at the same time as the excavator arm.

Hammer pipework with hose extensions allow the planer to be extended using the extra-dig and increase productivity.

Advanced EasyControl’s provides simple ease of use excavator-style control of the planer.

JCB’s Powerslide means you can plane the backhoe loader’s full width with uncompromised visibility to the ground attachment without moving, allowing work to be carried out in a single coned-off carriageway.

We've fitted the Pothole Master backhoe loader with a sweeper collector to ensure thorough surface preparation, reduced clean-up time, and tidy safe work sites; its high capacity hopper extends working stints.

The sweeper is controllable from the cab, with a single joystick for precise command. The brush itself has a large diameter for high performance, with 50/50 steel and polypropylene bristles that are optimised to provide long-life sweeping or road planings.

This JCB 3CX backhoe’s sweeper design allows constant downward pressure on the broom, ensuring that all debris, dirt and water are collected from any width of patch. To keep surfaces clean, there’s a dust suppression kit fitted.

Ability to sweeper up to the kerb edge with an offside mounted motor.

JCB’s 3CX Pothole Master backhoe loader has a sufficiently wide sweeper – and long enough loader arms – to fill trucks directly from the rear. This setup can be carried out on a single carriageway with no disruption to traffic flow.

Forward visibility from the backhoe cab is assured because of the sweeper collector’s integral water tank, not to mention the machine’s large glass area and low bonnet line.

Because pothole repairs can be required anywhere, the JCB 3CX Pothole Master is designed to travel from worksite to worksite independently and safely. No separate transport trucks are needed.

The Pothole Master backhoe loader is equipped with a fuel-efficient 68kW (91hp) engine; for maximum productivity, opt for the 81kW (109hp) JCB EcoMAX low-emission unit.

Uniquely, we fit TorqueLock as standard to JCB backhoes, along with Powershift. When combined with an optional Autoshift transmission, these features can help reduce fuel use by as much as 25%, and travel times by up to 10%.

A 25mph (40km/h) top speed guarantees swift travel between jobs. Factory-fit Torquelock reduces speed loss on hills, improves overall travel times, and increases working radius.

New Auto Drive allows the operator to maintain rpm when roading increasing operator comfort.

JCB Smoothride improves comfort and load retention by isolating the loader arms from the chassis via a suspension system. This allows backhoe operators to maintain higher road speeds in all conditions.

To keep site workers, the general public and road traffic safe, this backhoe has a standard-fit reversing alarm, as well as twin beacons, a fire extinguisher and high visibility livery.

The 3CX Pothole Master is a safe machine to enter and exit, offering three points of contact to operators at all times. Cab steps are of a large anti-slip open grille design to prevent material build-up.

Efficient, safe stopping power requires minimal pedal effort because of JCB’s power brake system, fitted to all 3CX backhoe loaders including the Pothole Master.

Eight worklights keep any pothole repair site well illuminated through night-time and other low-light working stints.

The Pothole Master backhoe loader is equipped with front protection bars; these guard the bonnet and front grill against damage when loading Lorries and trailers. There are also rear light guards as standard for added impact protection.

Standard-fit JCB LiveLink telematics technology provides accurate information on machine locations, real-time machine health updates, service reminders, and even carbon emissions data to help meet eco-friendliness targets. A standard-fit immobiliser protects the machine against theft.

This JCB backhoe loader is highly versatile and by no means limited to pothole repair work; it can be used all-year round for everything from winter snow clearing to summer flood protection, thus ensuring maximum return on your investment.

Because the Pothole Master can self-deploy, it’s ideally suited to all manner of emergency callouts, from broken kerbs and crash barriers to fallen trees, traffic accident damage and remedial work.

With an impressive 3.23m dump height and a 1.2m reach at full height, you can easily load gritter lorries and other high sided vehicles with this backhoe.

We've equipped the JCB 3CX Pothole Master with integrated forks as standard; the 2-tonne capacity tools are built into the hydraulic loader quickhitch, so you can load and stack, as well as move palletised loads.

Parallel lifting and lowering loader arms make it even easier to move items quickly and accurately.

The JCB 3CX Pothole Master’s options list includes everything from a versatile 6-in-1 shovel to a compactor, kerb-placing tools, a snow blade, jaw bucket and ripper tooth.

JCB backhoe loaders have long since provided a unique independent hydraulic circuit for handheld tools. There’s an optional fit integrated 9m hose reel on the Pothole Master with an auto-retract system to provide even greater handheld tool range.

You can operate handheld tools at the same time as the backhoe’s excavator, improving productivity. This also means you don’t have to buy separate powerpacks, which are often prone to theft.

The hose reel meets EHTMA Class C tool operation standards and features low back pressures, 138 bar pressure and a high 20 l/min flow rate, making it perfect for any high capacity attachments.

Customise your backhoe loader with a huge selection of JCB-approved handheld tools like breakers, pumps, earth drills, disc cutters, core drills and rotary impact drills.


  • Sweeper collector
  • Parallel lift loader arms
  • Hydraulic quickhitch with integrated flip over forks
  • 5/8” high flow loader pipework
  • Hi-visibility Highway Maintenance decals
  • Smoothride System (SRS)
  • Return to dig
  • Shovel float


  • Patch Planer
  • High output variable displacement pump
  • 14’ extending dipper excavator end
  • Powerslide
  • Hammer pipework with hose extensions
  • Manual quickhitch
  • Boom ram cushioning
  • Hi-visibility boom decals


  • Seat mounted excavator style servo controls
  • Heated air suspension seat
  • Large internal storage
  • Rear screen impact protection
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Twin beacons
  • Immobiliser
  • Livelink
  • Coffee machine
  • Auto daily checks


  • 68kw (91hp) Tier 4 interim engine
  • 40 kph 4 speed Powershift transmission
  • Torquelock
  • 18” front wheels (Crossply/Radial)
  • Stabiliser streetpads
  • Rear light guards
  • Reverse alarm
  • Front bumper bars
  • Hi-visibility stabiliser chevrons
  • 81kw (109hp) Ecomax Tier 4 interim engine
  • 6 Speed Autoshift Transmission
  • Bi Directional auxiliary hydraulics
  • Air conditioning
  • Heated front screen
  • Auto preheat
  • Lifting kit
  • 6-in-1 quickhitch mounted shovel with streetpads
  • Hand Held tool circuit with hose reel
  • Large selection of hand held tools
  • Hydraulic excavator quickhitch
  • Hydraulic thumb
  • Kerb grabs
  • Compactors
  • Range of excavator buckets with toeplate
  • Snow blades
  • Ripper tooth


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