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Clears stones and debris to prepare the seedbed.

Auto Rake

  • Grooms and finishes soil in preparation for seed or sod.
  • Hydraulically operated hopper quickly and easily dumps collected rocks.
  • High speed rotating teeth break up clods of dirt and levels the soil.


Landscape Power Rake

  • Purpose-designed carbide teeth provide long life and are specifically shaped to ensure best possible┬áseedbed preparation.
  • Adjustable polyurethane barrier above roller allows operator to select material size left in the seedbed.
  • Can angle rake 20┬║ in either direction from centre allowing material to be moved left or right.
  • Quick and easy to remove end plates allow the power rake to perform like a box scraper.
  • Dual independently adjustable wheels allows operator to adjust for skim passes for over-seeding or adjust to cut drainage grades.
  • Bi-directional raking capability allows quick seedbed preparation.